Interview on the Naked Scientist

Published on Jul 09, 2018

How do volcanoes affect a jet engine?

Our very own Dr Anna Young was interviewed on the Naked Scientist podcast about ‘How volcanoes affect a jet engine’. To listen to the podcast or read the transcript please follow the link here

Many of us remember being stuck and grounded in 2010, very long queues at airports with no-one going anywhere. In fact, it became the largest global air traffic shut down since World War II, and it happened because of an Icelandic volcano called Eyjafjallajökull. The ash from volcanic eruptions can cause catastrophic damage to aircraft engines. But how? And what can we do about it? Chris Smith spoke to Anna Young from the Whittle Lab in Cambridge University, and later Izzie Clarke spoke to the University of East Anglia’s Jessica Johnson. Firstly, Chris asked, why is sand a problem for engines?

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